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The Happy Room Academy (H.R.A. for short) is a group that judges your overall designing skills in your house. This includes sets, themes, and everything in between. They even take points off for having junk on your floors! Needless to say, the HRA are decorating wizards. So, shortly after starting your AC:WW game, Tom Nook will ask you to join the HRA. You have no choice but to say yes, and this is when you’ll start receiving HRA letters. Now, every Sunday Morning you’ll get a letter with your HRA score enclosed, and for passing a certain amount of HRA points, you can get gifts from the HRA, which are models of your houses. However, a hefty HRA score isn’t always easy to get, so hopefully this guide will give you a better idea on how to get one yourself.

There are many different ways to score big with the HRA, but there are ways to score even bigger. In order to get a big score, check out these tips:

Series:You always want full series when going for even a lowly score. The sets include Blue, Cabana, Cabin, Classic, Exotic, Green, Kiddie, Lovely, Modern, Ranch, Regal, Mush, Mario and Snowman. There are 10 pieces to most series, and a wall and floor to match. Having a complete set with the wall and floor earns you 48,000 HRA points. But, there is a way to get tons, TONS more points. These are themes, and are about the same size as a series. Completing a series adds lots of points to your HRA score.

Themes:Themes are a bit different from series, since they follow a specific set of items that have something in common. For example: the Construction Theme contains items that are related to a construction scene. A complete theme will earn you 15,000 points, and 7,000 points per item. If you have the matching wallpaper and flooring for that theme, then you will earn an extra 10,000 points!

Sets:Sets are generally smaller than series or themes, but they can help you get a great HRA score. They can contain just two items, like the Pine Set, or up to fourteen items, like the House Plant Set, the biggest set. A complete set earns you 3,000 points per item, and an additional 3,000 points for any more extra items from that set.

Special Items:The two biggest point givers – and the two most beneficial items to gaining a big HRA score – are Villager’s Pictures and Lucky Items (see below). Villager’s pictures are earned by having a great friendship with a villager and these pictures (which can be hard to come by) earn you 3,200 points a pop. Look into earning some pictures.

Models:Models: There are a bunch of models in AC:WW – each of which earn you 1,111 points! For the complete list of Models, check out the list below:

  • One-Story Model
  • Two-Story Model
  • Mansion Model
  • Museum Model
  • Town Hall Model
  • Nook’s Cranny Model
  • Nook ‘n’ Go Model
  • Nookway Model
  • Nookington’s Model

Here’s some other tips to get you “Quickie” Points:

Pascal Items:Pascal’s items are worth 1,543 points each. Here’s a list of his items, and the matching wall and floor, too.

  • Helm
  • Barrel
  • Keg
  • Ship Cannon
  • Anchor
  • Ship Compass
  • Sea View – Wall
  • Ship Deck – Floor

Lucky Items:The HRA awards you 7,777 points per Lucky Item! Here is the complete list of Lucky Items:

  • Arwing
  • Big Festive Tree
  • Birthday Cake
  • Dracaena
  • Festive Tree
  • Four-Leaf Clover
  • Garden Gnome
  • Ivory Piano
  • Jack-in-the-Box
  • Lefty Lucky Cat
  • Lovely Phone
  • Lucky Black Cat
  • Lucky Cat
  • Master Sword
  • Music Box
  • Piggy Bank
  • Pikmin
  • Portrait
  • Raccoon Figurine
  • Samurai Suit
  • Scarab Beetle
  • Treasure Chest
  • Triforce
  • Washer/Dryer

Needless to say, Lucky Items really can just take the place of pictures and some. Most are easy enough to get, and can boost your score big time.Bonus HRA Points:Looking to rack up a couple bonus HRA points? Here’s the place, and all the essentials you need for a hefty HRA score. By having the complete ‘Necessities of Life’ of the same series will earn you 5,000 HRA Points, and by having a mixture of series (while still completing the “Necessities of Life”) will net you 1,000 HRA Points.

Looking for more points? No problem. Why not consider having a completed furniture series which will net you a quick 20,000 points? Still not enough? Having either a carpet or wallpaper will raise your score by 5,000 points, and both will earn you a bonus 10,000 points – resulting in a total of 30,000 HRA Points!

Feng Shui is also an effective way of racking up points. Here’s a little math equation to represent the scoring for Feng Shui:
# of correctly placed Feng Shui items x (100)

Last but not least is color bonuses. By simply having a single color taking up the following percent of room space, you earn the following:
70% Color Bonus # of total items x 200
90% Color Bonus # of total items x 600

Keep your eyes peeled!In AC:WW, three series – the Snowman, Mush, and Mario series, give you extra HRA points for their uniqueness. Easy points, definitely set up a few of these sets if you can.

Some things to Consider:It’s probably important to know that your floor can’t hold unlimited items – so that’s also a factor to add in. You want the “Bang for your buck” items (Items that get you a lot of points without taking up too much space ) in there now, to get more points for less used spots. I recommend a Special series, with a Combination of pictures, Lucky items, or both.

And here is a list of some of the points deducted by the HRA:
Unusable Items # of items x (-100)
Items on Floor # of items x (–1)
Items Facing Wall # of items x (-100)


HRA Point System

Item Points
Animal Picture 3,200
A picture you receive from an animal for being good friends with them.
Bank Gifts 912
A gift you receive from town hall for reaching a certain amount of bells in your bank account.
Bugs and Fish 3
Any of the bugs or fish you catch around town.
Clothing 3
Shirts, umbrellas, hats, masks, glasses, etc.
Cornimer Gift 412
An item received from Cornimer for bringing him acorns.
Festive Items 151
Festive Tree, Festive Flag and Festive Candle
Flowers 5
A flower that you find outside.
Fossils 300
Fossils that have been checked by Blathers, and are not skeletons.
Fossils (Identified) 1,000
A fossil that has been checked by Blathers, and is a skeleton-type fossil.
Gulliver Items 412
Any item received from Gulliver.
Gyroids 828
The items that you occasionally dig up.
Katie and Kaitlin 1,280
Any item received for reuniting Katie and Kaitlin
Nintendo Item 210
An item from the Nintendo/Mario Theme.
Nook Spotlight Item 151
An item that is one of Nook’s ‘Spotlight Items.’
Normal Furniture 51
A piece of furniture that does not belong to any series, theme or set.
Pascal Items 1,543
An item you receive from Pascal.
Patterns 3
A pattern that is placed inside your house.
Redd-Only Items 412
Any item that is available only from Redd’s tent.
Saharah Items 3
A carpet or wallpaper received from Sahara.
Sea Shells 3
Any shell that is found along the beach.
Snowman Items 888
An item received for making a perfect snowman.
Special Trade Items 325
Items that are received by trading with special visitors.
Trophies 800
The bug, fishing, and/or flower trophies
Town Models 1,111
Models of a building in your town.
Villagers’ Gifts 1,000
A gift given to you by a villager in your town.

21 Responses to “AC:WW HRA Guide”

  1. Toast Says:

    What about forged paintings? Do they count as being a Redd only item?

  2. hatty Says:

    brilliant for cheats i would rate i 5/5.

  3. hatty Says:

    if you want to double your money and take ot of this website well dont bother i tried it it didn’t work and all mym VALUABLE stuf had gone!!!!
    im not very happy. /[

  4. Cancer Says:

    Does the HRA rating go towards your whole house or just the main room?

  5. Ellie Says:

    Ahh, thiis really helped i had been getting low points. Got action replay and added all the lucky things and themes i got 127,000!

  6. Picnic Says:

    heh thanks this helped! I had tons of 4 leaf clovers and i put them in my house and my hra point shot up!

  7. Ceejerz Says:

    Hmmmm maybe you could add some diagrams or pictures to show the people that dont have any idea about what this means to give them the idea. You should also talk MORE about Fung Shui. But yes it is really good. So just to let you know you should talk more about the four leaf clovers how you can put them in your hair! If you put them in your hair you can catch TONS of rare fish and bugs! You really should try it and you can do the same with flowers, except you dont get rare things….. But anyway just try the Fung Shui thing EVERYONE I got the most brilliant points! 180,000 POINTS! So Finally when you ARE doing Fun Shui you use four colors Yellow, Green, Red and Orange. Put ORANGE IN THE NORTH. Put GREEN IN THE SOUTH. Put YELLOW IN THE WEST and Put RED IN THE EAST parts of your room. Thanks!

    P.S If you think I’m just being smart, dont say mean things, I’m just trying to help!

  8. milliemoo Says:

    the a set eg the plant set. will they have to be scattered all around the house or just in one room

  9. BugCar Says:

    i found 4 four leaf clovers, but only kept 1! too bad, that’s a lot of HRA points1

    • Someone Says:

      I know -.-
      I once found a 4-leaf clover, thought something along the lines of ‘Hmm. Nice Easter Egg’ And sold it >.<

  10. BugCar Says:

    does the HRA score low if you have cockroaches? I’ve had a problem with them lately.

  11. Brooke Says:

    When I 1st Started Playing AcWW, I Was Getting Letters From The HRA. & Now It Seem’s Like I’m Not Getting Them Anymore. Does Anyone Know Why That Is??

  12. Shaun_the sheep Says:

    thanks it really helps,ALOT?by the way why does my neighbors arent been replaced?

  13. Blaze Jr2 Says:

    ok yeah that was a very good guide!5/5!

  14. Drastic.fantastic Says:

    Score! I have atleast 16 -leaf clovers which I’d saved and had no idea what to do with! Now to go and give my HRA rating a boost…

  15. Thriller Says:

    hey this seemed really helpful. But how do i obtain the mario items?
    And Ceejerz has a good point- talk more about the feng shui.

  16. Debby Mccasland Says:

    German Roaches ( the biggest roach problem in America ) can not and do not survive out side. They’ve turn out to be 100% dependent upon man. In any event its a great idea to spread granules along the perimeter of your home. Granules will last much longer on the exterior than liquids. Use a Durban or Diazinon granule. Check all items you bring in from stores!!

  17. jessica Says:

    OMFG!! the HRA gave me a note saying that november 1st is his birthday where do i go?!?!?!

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